Aliyavar Karami
Aliyavar KaramiPhD
synthesis of some metals oxide supported on graphen as a new catalyst and its application in organic synthesis
Nasrin Gholamrezaee
Nasrin GholamrezaeePhD
Preparation and Identification of Nano Magnetic Catalysts Stabilized on Clinoptilolite Zeolite and Their Catalytic Activity in the Production of Benzodiazepines
Fatemeh Pishva
Fatemeh PishvaMsC
Preparation of modified nano Ag with organic fungicides and its properties
Emad Karimi
Emad KarimiMsC
Preparation of hydrogel containing antibiotic and local anesthetic as medical help matters
Tayeb Abmatin
Tayeb AbmatinPhD
Project: Synthesis of some modified TEMPO derivatives as catalyst and its application in organic compounds oxidation
Azita Farrokhi
Azita FarrokhiPhD
Synthesis of magnetic core-shell nanoparticle reagent containing bromide-perbromide and its application as a catalyst in multi-compunent reaction
Azita Fatehi
Azita FatehiMsC
Preparation and application of some nano structure compounds in natural gas condensate sweetness
Nadia Chaboksavar
Nadia ChaboksavarMsC
Preparation of a film containing nano Ag and plant essential oil as a food cover and their biological effect
Esmail Korani
Esmail KoraniPhD ,
Synthesis of magnetic core-shell nanoparticle reagent (Fe3O4@SiO2) containing periodide and its application in preparation of some heterocyclic compounds and biological study of it
Hosein Mohamadian
Hosein MohamadianMsC
Green Synthesis of nano Ag with ..... and its antibacterial effect
Reza Shemshadi
Reza ShemshadiMsC
Evaluation of cisplatin anticancer drug loaded on polymeric nanoparticles on the viability of brain cancer cell line
Malihe Azadi
Malihe AzadiMsC
Analysis of chemical compounds of Chamaemelum nobile from Kermanshah as a food additive
Elham Dezfolinejhad
Elham DezfolinejhadPhD
Ionene Bonded Core-Shell-shell Magnetic Nano Particle Supported Perbromide: Preparation and Application in Organic Synthesis
Jalil Sabori Karkhane
Jalil Sabori KarkhaneMsC
Preparation of core-shell- shell poly ionene magnetic nano article containing anti cancer drugs and their biological application
Narges Keihanpoor
Narges KeihanpoorMsC
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of cisplatin nanodrug on the breast cancer cell line
Azam Khaleseh
Azam KhalesehMsC